Photographed from the Military Aviation Museum's tower, the museum's PBY Catalina as it lifts off the grass.The Military Aviation Museum's PBY Catalina roars past the Museum's tower shortly after lifting off.Airborne CheckerboardHere's Johnny!The Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing's SBD-5 Dauntless taxis on the grass field at the Military Aviation Museum.The Military Aviation Museum's Bf 109G.The Big Bad WulfThe Military Aviation Museum's Messerschmitt Bf 109G carrying the markings of Hptm. Klaus Quaet-Faslem the Kommandeur of I./JG 3 Udet, credited with 49 aerial victories.Fighter Factory technicians prepare the Hawker Hurricane Mk12 for an afternoon of flying.The Commemorative Air Force Capital Wing's TBM Avenger, photographed early Saturday morning, on a visit to the Military Aviation Museum's Warbirds Over the Beach airshow.Richthofen's Flying Circus?Commemorative Air Force Dixie Wing's P-51 Mustang returns to the Military Aviation Museum.Dauntless On GrassFlt Lt HoganMichael Kuhnert landing his PT-19 Cornell.A Mustang pilot aided into his mount by his ground crew.A Few Feet To GoMinnesota Wing's B-25 "Miss Mitchell," photographed from the Military Aviation Museum's tower, taking off with five lucky passengers.The Military Aviation Museum's Stearman, photographed from the tower, returns from a flight.Hogie, in the L-5 Sentinel, about to touch down.

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