An F-15 Eagle of the 71st Fighter Squadron "Ironmen" breaks the silence at Langley AFBAn F-15 Eagle leaving Langley AFB behind.Ed HamillThe IronmenF-15C Eagle 84-0024F-15C Eagle, 81-0038 climbs out over the runway.F-15C Eagle of the 71st FS returns to the ramp at Langley AFB.F-15E Strike Eagle At Langely AFBKyle Franklin In His Waco "Mystery Ship" JMF-7Kyle Franklin At Air Power Over Hampton RoadsB-25 "Panchito" Over Langely AFBF-4 Phantom DemoMaj Paul "Max" Moga displaying the F-22 Raptor for the home team at Langley AFB.Three Generations of FightersSt. Louis Slugger

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