JuggernautF-16's of the 121st Fighter Squadron, 113th Wing, DC Air National Guard, the Capital Defenders.Boeing AV-8B(R) Harrier II+UH-1 Huey1st Helicopter Squadron UH-1 Huey.Starfighters' F-104 in afterburnerBrig Gen Steve "Cinco" Richie makes a pass of the field at Andrews AFB.Rick "Comrade" Svetkoff leads the formation of Starfighters.The Starfighters2008 USAF Strike Eagle Demo Team, Capt Phil "Ritz" Smith, pilot and Capt John "Gizmo" Cox, WSO.F-22A Raptor, in flight, with the weapons bays open.Maj Paul "Max" Moga in the F-22 Raptor performing a dedication pass.RaptorJATO Take-OffHang On!

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